My son recommended to me this 16 man show band with a super-cool 15000 watt PA. Shall I invite the neighbours?

Not necessary, all your neighbours within a radius of about 2 miles will automatically be taking part in your little celebration.









This "nouveaux riches" guy across the street recently hired an opera singer. Not exactly my type but my wife thinks that this time we should offer something impressive like this.

Don't set off a singer-contest! Besides, this guy's got more bucks. The only thing that will help here is to come up with a stark contrast -- hire Jazz4Fun for your guests. And if it absolutely has to be opera, not to worry -- our tuba player comes from the state opera.









We don't have much room, what should we do?

Very simple. This time don't invite that big bore from last time. This will certainly make room for four more. So instead of inviting these guys, make an offer to the four guys from Jazz4Fun that they can't refuse. And you will see -- no more boredom.









How long does it take for a band like this to set up? And do we have to lug your drum set in for you?

Drums? Who said anything about drums? Tuba and banjo are all you need for good rhythm. And as far as the set up time goes, Jazz4Fun will gladly come marching in just like in good old New Orleans.









Dixieland is always the same, isn't it?

If you think the Dixieland repertoire consists exclusively of tunes like Ice Cream, Tiger Rag and When the Saints, we'll have to disappoint you. Whether Bel Ami or Midnight in Moscow, you will recognize a pile of old favourites from the past 90 years. And if Ice Cream then why not a Solo a la Radetzki March? In such spontaneous outbursts with a wink of an eye this quartet again and again expresses the fun of playing that they excel at. Listeners get their money's worth.









Could it be that I already came across Jazz4Fun in an earlier life?

We don't know what you did in an earlier life. A search of the internet probably won't turn up anything useful either. In your current life, you could have crossed paths with the Charivari Jazz Band, Jazzterday, or the New California Ramblers. Or did you go to the Bavarian Opera on some evening when you weren't at the computer? In that case you may have met one or another of the Jazz4Fun musicians - without being reborn.









Isn't Dixieland out this year?

Sure, like every year the past 80 years. But it's music you can listen to without need for ecstasy. A good old beer will do.









Jazz4Fun -- Does that mean you play for free?

If we did we'd be called Jazz4Free. So, no lousy excuses: If you can afford to spend your nights surfing the internet, you have the bucks. In spite of that, if it's for a good cause, the Quartet makes exceptions. Whether you are an exception or not, you can find out here.









Only four musicians and no drums, what's going on here? Where are we here?

At Jazz4Fun, the Dixieland Quartet from Munich. But maybe you don't really want us but the Jazzorchester of the municipal music school Mannheim? Yes, we jazz musicians are really just one big family. So, this goes to our relatives (and give our best to our colleagues).
Just like in real life there are relatives on the Internet that not even the pastor knows about. Our forefather must have been in Lower Saxony at some time. We send our greetings therefore to JAZZ FOR FUN from Vechta with a hearty and we're happy to welcome this little addition to the family.









I'm not going to buy a pig in a poke. Where can I hear Jazz4Fun?

Regarding this we keep having to make note that Jazz4Fun can be heard mostly in small private settings which, from the point of view of the pig of course, is completely unacceptable. As soon as Jazz4Fun gets a public gig we will post it on this site. Until then we recommend that you write to us at the Email address below and we will arrange for a "guest ticket" to our next performance.









O.K., convinced -- so what's the next step?

meet the bandHere we come to the dramatic high point of every Homepage, the initiation of contact. We lift the veil of secrecy and tell you how you can contact Jazz4Fun: push the blue button!