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meanwhile looks back to some 33 years of history. Like many things in life it was created in an emergency situation. The host of a party didn't have enough room to accomodate a complete dixieland band. On the other hand he wasn't about to hire one of those fully electrified one man MIDI entertainers. Christian promised to come up with a quartet,


only to discover that he was the only one from his band available for the gig. What eventually came together is internationally termed a telephone band and usually is like Russian roulette: one hit out of six musicians. But this time it was different: four musicians and four hits! After playing only a few tunes, it was decided to keep this lineup together as a regular band.


The name


came about during the drive back from a jolly weekend gig on Mondsee in Austria about 27 years ago. Imagine a carload of endlessly joking musicians with hangovers and barely 4 hours of sleep. On second thought better not. But if you do imagine such a thing, then you'll understand how the name Jazz4Fun was born.


Anyway, we thought it was a terrific idea. Then came the Internet and the insight that apparently there must have been a few more carloads of endlessly joking musicians with hangovers and barely 4 hours of sleep. See our link list for further exploration of this phenomenon.

The musicians

The photo

swingin' in the rain
Jazz4Fun on duty

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